AVBA Hi Tech services Ltd. was established 25 years ago with the goal of bringing a unique added value by selling and professionally supporting variety of advanced technology products from the leading suppliers in the world in the market place of high-tech industries, research and development institutions, hospitals and medical organizations.

AVBA is continually improving its customers' service capabilities and recruits skilled, high quality and devoted employees thus enabling us to fulfill our buisiness focus targets. we permanently adjust our range of products and services to the fast developing and challenging Israeli market.

We will continue to invest unlimited efforts in fostering good relationship while maintaining our professional, reliable and shared thinking with our customers and suppliers in order to find uncompromising solutions to your needs.

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Electron Optics Instruments

Today’s generation of electron microscopes deliver extremely high resolution for nanotechnology research and unprecedented quality for imaging fine surface details, analyzing biological and fabricated samples at the atomic level, and seeing microscopic details as they really are, magnified hundreds of thousands of times. Easy to use, flexible for a variety of applications, and backed by JEOL’s award-winning support, JEOL electron microscopes play an influential role in the development of new products and materials, analysis for quality control and forensic investigations, biological research, materials characterization, and more:
*Scanning Electron Microscopes
*Transmission Electron Microscopes
*Scanning Probe Microscopes
*Surface Analysis (Auger/EPMA/ESCA)

Sputter Coaters and SEM/TEM Carbon Coaters

Sputter coating is the standard method for preparing non-conducting or poorly conducting specimens for observation in a scanning electron microscope (SEM). We offer low-cost, rotary-pumped systems for depositing non-oxidising metals - such as gold (Au) and platinum (Pt) - and also turbomolecular-pumped models, suitable for oxidising and non-oxidising metals - such as chromium (Cr). Large chamber models are available for specimens up to 8”/200mm diameter, and all sputter coaters can be fitted with carbon evaporation attachments

Particle Counters

Particle Measuring Systems (pms) is a leading supplier of microcontamination monitors for the Pharmaceuticals process control, cleanroom monitoring, aerosol research spectrometers, parenteral sampling, filter and in-line testing in DI water, process chemicals and point-of-use monitoring of inert gases.


KLA Tencor offers a wide selection of optical and stylus profilers.
Product offering includes manual bench top systems, yet, providing high quality and accurate solution, all the way to fully automated systems for the most demanding applications.
New!! Nescope II - JCM 6000

A Desktop scanning electron microscope - Versatile Benchtop SEM, High performance system in a compact, innovative model.

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