The Penetron™ Swirling Shaker Model Mark IV, from Sunkay Laboratories, features a unique adjustable speed / adjustable tilt angle design. It has found use in many of the world's finest laboratories whenever fixing, dehydrating and embedding procedures are being done that require constant "washing" or "bathing" of the specimen in some liquid medium a fixed period of time. Use the Penetron Mark IV Swirling Shaker to continuously wash or bathe EM or LM 
biological samples thoroughly and uniformly and under perfectly reproducible conditions! The actually Penetron Mark IV "rocks and rolls" specimens gently and automatically, at the proper speed, keeping the operator free for other laboratory procedures. Continuously adjustable tilting platform (4o- 24o incline). Continuously adjustable speed (1-120 rpm) for any timer-controlled period up to two hours longer if the timer is by passed. Processes up to 20 specimen vials at the same time. Each specimen vial holder will accommodate a standard laboratory vial that is 23 mm diameter. Holders for holding vials of other diameters are available on special order.

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