GKM-2 Glass Knife Maker
A “load*” indicating digital readout and micrometer positioners make it easy to get controlled, consistent breaks.

the digital readout as the clamping handle and breaking arm are adjusted. The GKM-2 is specifically designed to incorporate the “balanced break” method to produce optimum knife edges. Balanced breaks require equal lengths of glass on each side of the score, along with a mechanism that applies equal load to each side, resulting in a straight break. The GKM-2 also makes it possible to achieve consistent “slow breaks” desired by many users.
Uses “balanced break” method for optimum knife edges.
To achieve consistent, controlled breaks, two aspects of the breaking process must be measurably controlled: position and load. The glass position on the GKM-2 is controlled using precision micrometers. The load is controlled through the constant feedback displayed on 

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