Founded in 1987
Vast experience in a large variety of scientific & technological disciplines
Distributor of leading worldwide suppliers  
Over 1,000 customers
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AVBA was established in 1987 and is expert in marketing, sales and professional support. AVBA is the perfect supplier for matching your precise technological needs of equipment and products.   
We work in close cooperation with leading worldwide suppliers, match and supply state of the art technologies and customized needs to electronics and semiconductors industries, to pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations and to research and development institutions.

Lithography, Electron Microscopy, Surface & Micro Analysis, X-Ray Analysis, Sample Preparation, Particles Counting, Analysis & Characterization, Plasma, Coating, Thermal / Vacuum Deposition, Metrology & Profiling, Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Test, Measurement & Control, Environmental, Materials and Consumables, DC & RF Power Supply, Automated Storage and more.

Unique skills, creative and professional approach are predominant factors when selecting your preferred supplier for long term reliable engagement. AVBA Hi –Tech services Ltd. is the perfect supplier for matching your precise technological needs of equipment and products.   
For hundreds of individual customers, AVBA has been the suppliers of choice for many years. Those long – term relationships can only be achieved and sustained throughout uncompromised dedication to customer needs and by close personal touch. Many customers' testimonials are the proven fact that we never give up when it comes to investing valuable efforts to enable you to expand the utilization of your products throughout their entire lifecycle and beyond.
AVBA is global in finding solutions, yet a local player flexible enough to understand the complexity of the different customers' needs and to propose and deliver the comprehensive match throughout several professional layers to achieve customers' satisfaction.
For AVBA's highly skilled and professional team, there is no equipment technological challenge that cannot be met. We strive to permanently learn, improve and precisely capture and address your challenges, allowing you to concentrate on your core work.
We definitely continue to improve for our customers, in order to maintain the highest professional support level throughout our entire products lifecycle, and to find uncompromising solutions to your needs.

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