Founded in 1987
Vast experience in a large variety of scientific & technological disciplines
Distributor of leading worldwide suppliers  
Over 1,000 customers
Professional team of experts
Since three decades AVBA's service department performs:
  • Demonstration of tools
  • Pre installations survey and infrastructure advice
  • Site preparation including construction if needed
  • Systems installations and Commissioning
  • Warranty support
  • Post warranty service contracts & on call support
  • Repair center & service lab
  • Customized projects – Management and Performance
  • Tools upgrades / improvement
  • Particle counters for rental
AVBA' skilled and highly experienced engineering team is certified by our suppliers to perform as high skilled professional experts.
At every stage of the equipment service, AVBA predominantly relies on local knowledge to tailor and provide the support. We listen, learn and asses every customer challenge. When needed, we enjoy a vast network of suppliers experts, readily available to further support us as needed.

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AVBA's laboratory provides professional calibration services and repair of complex equipment of a wide range of industries and disciplines including but not limited to particle measurement instruments, RF generators and matching units, power supplies and electronic PCBs.

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AVBA Service Department is engaged with its customers from the equipment specification stage, throughout purchase, logistics support, installation, warranty and service throughout many years of performance. We often expand the utilization of your products throughout their entire lifecycle and beyond.
AVBA supports our customers with a variety of services such as tailored service contracts based on customer needs, on call services and preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
You can purchase spare parts for all the equipment that AVBA sells and supports.
In addition, we can provide spare parts for products that are not supported by the original manufacturer anymore.

For any issues regarding the above, please contact our service department:

About Us

Our Support Services
Our Equipment Service Department
Precise Matching of your unique requests
Our Lab
Contracts service, on call, spare parts
Our Logistic Department
Precise Matching of your unique requests
The Logistics department is a professional unit that provides comprehensive logistic services essential for effective management of the supply chain. The department guarantees quality service standards, as well as prompt supply of the particular product as dictated by the needs of the company's departments and customer requests.
The Logistics Department is in charge of the following fields:
Purchasing management
  • Suppliers sourcing
  • Suppliers screening and certification
  • Negotiation process management
  • Purchasing orders issuance to local and foreign selected suppliers
  • On time deliveries
  • Purchasing control

Import/Export Management
  • Coordination with foreign suppliers
  • Supply chain management including customs clearance, door to door delivery and insurance
  • Specialized in air and ocean freight forwarding
  • Work alignment with international trade agreements
Stock Management
  • Computerized stock management.
  • Sourcing and delivery of stocking solutions
  • Stock levels monitoring and planning
  • Packing and delivery services
Project Management
  • Project planning in cooperation with company's departments
  • Project performance: supplies sourcing, engagement and management tailored to specific projects, budget management and timelines commitment
Information Technology
  • Analysis and mapping of the company's information technology systems
  • Adaptation of information technology capabilities with the company's needs
Customer Service
  • Processing and follow up of customers' requests
  • Performance of customer satisfaction surveys
Work procedures are carried out in accordance with national and international quality standards.

  • License to deal with X-ray machines, granted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection