We all know the expression "storage" and the expression "automated", but what is the meaning of the combination of the two expressions?
Automated storage combines both storage capabilities and operational solutions without human contact in one product. How does it is possible? 

Automated Storage

Maximum utilization of space

What is automated storage?

How does automated storage work?

Innovative automated storage systems are storage systems operated by using a robot that "knows" to sort, store and carry surfaces to or from a work station. The system extends over an area that is not too wide, which greatly contributes to the optimal utilization of the given storage space. With this system, it is also possible to exploit high
Automated Storage

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Automated storage is managed by dedicated computer software which can perform a large number of parallel operations. Along with the intelligent management of the items that the software enables, it is possible to easily obtain information about various activities by preparing varied reports according to the storage activities performed in the warehouse, the different types of items, their current condition, and more.

Why is the storage automatic?

What are the advantages of automated storage?

First of all, it saves space. Comparing to the conventional storage methods that require a lot of space, automated storage have the maximal storage capacity due to the compact design and the utilization of the available room height.
The automated system saves time as well. At conventional storage systems the users need to walk between the shelfs and search for their requested items and it takes more time than the same action with the automated systems. It is more efficient to bring the goods to the man instead of bring the man to the goods.
Another advantage of the system is that the requested items brought automatically to the retrieval height just by pressing a button. If you have conventional warehouse you know that the users have to stretch, bend or climb ladders to retrieve storage parts.
In addition, automated storage protects your items from all kind of problems like dirt, damage and unauthorized access.
Automated Storage
Automated Storage
areas that in the past could not be used for these purposes due to inefficiency in work because those heights could not be easily reached.
Automated Storage

So, what are all the pluses?

  • Saving space
  • Saving time
  • Ergonomics
  • Goods protection
  • Saving money
  • Safe
  • Fast and accurate

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