JEM-1400Plus Electron Microscope

The JEM-1400Plus is a transmission electron microscope (TEM) developed for application in a wide range of disciplines, from biology to materials researches, such as biological sections, polymers, nanomaterials and …. New environment is optimized for ease-of -use TEM operations with followings.
  • New operation panel and LCD screen with touch
    panel offering simple and ease-of-use operations.
  • High-precision camera (8 M pixels) fully-integrated with the PC controlled TEM operation system.
  • Off-line viewer software [SightX] enabling to review and edit acquired images on a user’s PC in office.
  • A wealth of automated functions, including auto-focus, auto-exposure, and auto-montage.
  • New image forming lens system, delivering a magnification of x10, and enabling to acquire an entire mesh image.

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