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The compact system is easy to install and can be operated independently using the embedded controller, which enables a direct evaluation and output of the predicted data without the use of a computer. The spectrometer features fibre free, high-energy illumination with outstanding optical properties and internal referencing.
Bruce Diffusion Furnace (BDF) - BDF 41
  • The Model BDF-41 four stack diffusion
    furnace system is designed to accept
    process wafers up to and including 200mm
    in diameter.
  • The standard BTI convention for a right
    handed furnace is when viewing the furnace
    from the operator’s side, the load station is
    to the right and the source cabinet is to the
    left. Tube level one (1) is the uppermost tube and tube level four (4) is the lowest.
  • BTI Standard Colors are standard light gray and charcoal gray. Refurbished equipment color will be as received.
  • Installation, operation and maintenance instructions on clean room paper are provided upon shipment.

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