To meet the demanding requirements for applications such as Laser Micromachining, Stealth Scribing and In Line Optical Inspection, WDI has developed automated modular microscopy systems (MMS). These systems include varying requirements such as large field of view optics, efficient multi wavelength laser delivery and illumination, real time tracking autofocus, fast lens changers and accurate Z-axis actuators. As the MMS is completely modular it is adaptable to any application and environment, it can be configured with any of WDI’s microscopy automation components including its Auto Focus Sensors (ATF), Linear Lens Changes (LLC), Z- Axis Actuators (ZAA) as well as a variety of illuminators, tube lenses and controllers. The MMS is compatible with objectives provided by most major microscopy companies, including Near Infrared and large diameter high resolution lenses. It can be equipped with a laser port for the introduction of machining lasers, and is designed to allow the addition of digital imaging cameras, CCD arrays and zoom lenses. WDI has also created a Differential Interference Microscope Kit, to further expand the power of the MMS by adding a DIC capability.